Vivian Harder - Equestrian Artist 

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Funky Cats

My life on the farm gives me daily inspiration. When I feel happy and playful, I paint “funky cats” doing all the funky things that cats do. This light-hearted series of oil paintings showcases brightly-colored, distinctively-styled frisky felines.

I have 5 cats of my own, so I am familiar with how entertaining cat antics can be. These vignettes reveal their relaxed, charming, playful and sometimes even naughty selves! Each cat has it's own unique personality and they couldn’t be more different. 

I notice how cats respond to their world and I have fun capturing their lives on canvas. They may be stealthy and invisible, great hunters providing a meal, or ruining the furniture while sharpening their claws, purring and rubbing on everything, so happy to see you, or just snuggling in bed.  

I love to use bold colors in a graphic, naive style and a warm palette to celebrate how cats brighten our lives. It is such a pleasure painting these amusing "funky cat" scenes to reflect the joy cats bring everyday.



The perfect gift for cat lovers.