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Equestrian Art

Drawing and painting horses has always been the heart of my work. I have owned horses my entire life; riding and taking care of them every day has an enormous impact on my work as an equine artist. I know the anatomy of horses in movement intimately. I absorb the horses’ essence and strive to bring their spirit, power and honesty to every painting. 

Painting horses has always come naturally to me. I have been drawing horses since I was a small child, and by now I’m sure I could paint them with my eyes closed. I love to use my paint brush as if it were a grooming brush stroking their sleek, velvety coats. 

My oil paintings are a realistic representation of horses but they are done in my personal style. I use luminous rich colors, and shining highlights with intense shadows to create dramatic lighting. My paintings can be powerful, with skies that are urgent and changing, with horses tense and expectant, while other paintings portray tranquil scenes that are calm and relaxing, with warm sun playing off a glossy flank as the horse grazes peacefully near a meandering creek. The wind is often tousling manes and tails and caressing the tall grasses. 

I always start my equine paintings with accurate illustrations, drawing inspiration from photos, memories and reference material from my horsey lifestyle; then I put those things aside and let my free spirit take me where it will. My paint brush and palette have minds of their own, colors bloom and smooth patterns emerge as the painting evolves. The results are equine paintings that are fresh and imaginative, with a look and feel that is exceptional and uniquely mine.


Many sold paintings were commissions.

As you can see, I can do work in various styles to suit any preferences.