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Driven by my love of nature, beauty and art, I feel compelled to paint what I see in the diverse BC environment. I am inspired by the pristine beauty of the mountains where I trail ride, the ever-changing coastlines, and the lush Fraser Valley scenery where I live. My BC nature series paintings are known for their rich vibrant colors and I love to use dramatic lighting with deep shadows and high contrast.  

Whatever I see, I can visualize as a painting and I am naturally aware of composition. I can envision a painting from even a selected portion of a scene. With or without a camera I snap photos in my mind for reference, capturing intimate details such as how filtered light glows through the trees or how the sun creates a back-lit halo in the mist. 

I spent the earlier stages of my career working in tight, realistic detail; however over the years, I have relaxed and my unique style has emerged. As I began to feel more, that freedom gave me the ability to create paintings from my heart and soul. So my skies are powerful, my grasses sway as they are caressed by the wind, my trees embrace the sky and my colors are deep and lush.

Every painting reflects the beauty and wonder of my outdoor experiences. Every painting evokes the peace and majesty of nature. Every painting touches the viewer emotionally.



Bring color and impact to your room or office. You can custom order a painting and size, any scene and in any colors.