at-sooke.jpgMy life long joy has been sharing my art with others. I am known for my unique style of painting, which combines realism with the creativity of vibrant, sensual, flowing strokes of color in oils. A love of animals and nature, combined with a compelling desire to draw and paint have been the artistic driving forces in my life since I was a young child. My talent was evident very early on and I sold my first painting at age 14. As an adult, I studied fine arts at the University of the Fraser Valley, and I am a graduate of the Graphic Design and Communication Program. 

The heart of my work is my dramatic equestrian art, complemented by my popular natural scenes of BC series. I also paint a distinctively different collection of whimsical “funky cats" in a bold graphic style. I am often asked to do private commissions and by working collaboratively with my clients, I'm able to provide artwork they are truly thrilled with.

Much of my inspiration comes from my farm and my outdoor lifestyle. I like to go horse camping and trail riding in the back country with my husband and my riding buddies. We ride in some magnificent areas of pristine wilderness. 

Creating paintings is something I’ve always had to do; I have to share my sense of the beauty of the west coast forests and waters. I'm captivated by details as fine as the long silky mane of my horse and her expressive eyes. I can look out at my back fields on a rainy day and where other people might just see a dull grey scene, I see deep cool blues, warm glowing yellows and glorious mauve-shaded clouds set against a slightly shimmering sky. 

I feel compelled to paint what I so vividly see in my imagination, playing off what is real and then dramatizing it with brilliant color, swaying movement, and impressionistic lighting. 

My work has been featured in many gallery shows and festivals and my paintings are enjoyed in private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and the U.K. 


Riding my mare star


Painting the gift horse


Brian and I on the jingle bell ride